"Every manager in baseball could benefit from playing a few hundred games of Strat-O-Matic"
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The Capital Baseball League is a Strat-O-Matic play-by-mail league, with a limited amount of face-to-face play.
The league was founded in 1975 and has managers throughout the country, from California to New York. We currently have 20 members.

See the Capital Ideas section
if you are having trouble installing the game

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News from the CRIER

Connections --CBL and Others


 2017 CBL DRAFT (Nov 12, 2017)

CBL Rosters


CBL RULEBOOK - January 2017 edition

Suggestions for submitting results:
(1) start off with the team nickname "at" other team's nickname.
Don't use the city in the top line.
(2) Keep it short - one or two sentences per game
 OR one paragraph for the series.

(3) PLEASE USE  " at " rather  " @ " and don't capitalize the A in "at"
(4) Put the series results in THE BODY OF THE EMAIL not just in the subject

Managers may trade draft picks for the next free agent draft only.  As soon as the free agent draft begins, picks for the subsequent draft may be traded.  A manager may trade as many of his draft picks as he wishes, but must have at least six draft picks at all times, two of which must be in the fourth round or earlier. 

Ungulates trade Nori Aoki to Sluggers for Chris Owings

Cubs trade Alex Gordon to Huskers for Huskers #4 and Jason Motte

Cubs trade Matt Wieters + Cubs #7  to the Huskers for the Cubs #5 + Huskers #6

Sluggers trade Howie Kendrick to the Hurricanes for Josh Tomlin and the Hurricanes #7

Cubs trade Matt Belisle to the Mitts for T.J. Rivera

Whiz Kids trade Jorge Bonifacio to the Mitts for Jose Torres

Blackjacks trade Kiki Hernandez and Matt Harvey to Crabs for Chris Gimenez, Dan Espinosa, & Crabs #3

Revival trades Revival #5 to Huskers for J.J. Hardy and Huskers #7

A's trade Andrew Toles, Chris Owings and A's #8  to Sluggers for Jorge Polanco and Sluggers #8

Rogues trade Liam Hendricks and Brandon Nimmo to A's for Jacoby Ellsbury and Alex Wilson

Mitts trade Jed Lowrie + Mitts #2 to Larks for D.J. Lemahieu

Comets trade Adeiny Hechavarria to Hurricanes for Canes #5

Crabs trade Jose Pirela to Whiz Kids for Martin Maldonado

Bombers trade Hernan Perez to Mitts for Brad Brach + Sandy Leon

Rogues trade Rogues #1 and Jared Eickhoff to Comets for Sean Doolittle

Sluggers trade Travis Shaw + Sluggers #2 to the Bombers for Lance McCullers +  Bombers #1 + Bombers #2

Cubs send Cubs #5 to Huskers for John Lackey

Titans trade Drew Pomeranz and Titans #4 to the Huskers for the Huskers #1

Mitts trade Austin Jackson + Mitts #7 to the Huskers for Carlos Gomez


Ponies trade 2018 #1, Trea Turner, Gregory Polanco, Tyler Skaggs, Stephen Matz and picks 144 and 159  to the Ungulates  for Justin Verlander, Cole Hamels, Adam Jones,  Matt Bowman and pick 80.

Ungulates trade Brandon Phillips to Rogues for Rogues 2018 #4

Mitts trade Michael Brantley to Ungulates for Jon Jay

Rogues trade Orlando Arcia and Pick #18 to the Comets for Pick #1

Revival trades Jose Abreu and pick #136  to Huskers for Michael Conforto and pick #98

Crabs trade Mike A Taylor + Miguel Montero to Huskers for Huskers#2 in 2018 + Robinson Chirinos

Whiz Kids trade pick 97 + Whiz Kids 2018 #1 to Titans for Dexter Fowler and Jake Marisnick.

Mitts trade Jake McGee + pick 105 to Crabs for  Huskers #2 in 2018

Mavs trade pick #113 to Ungulates for Ungulates  2018 #6

Mavs trade pick #133 to the Sluggers for Sluggers 2018 #7


Titans trade Craig Kimbrel and the Jacks #6 for the Canes #1, Huskers #3 and Dexter Fowler

Revival trades Revival #1 to Titans for Lance Lynn

A's trade Logan Morrison, Mikie Mahtook and A's #7 to Bombers for Josh Harrison, Michael Pineda and Mitts #5

Crabs trade Crabs #1  to Blackjacks for Michael A Taylor + Blackjacks #2 

Canes are going to try and compete this year...  Looking for a good closer, good starter that does not need big innings and 1B to platoon vs LH.
Players available - Utley, Jaso, Seth Smith, Blanco, Gurriel could be available if I received the right 1B to play both ways and Schimpf
Pitchers available - Britton, Benoit, Tomlin, Liriano, LeBlanc, Nate Jones and Logan....
Also have picks available.  Let me know if you have ideas.

For contending teams, Alex Wood has 152 IP (182 in the CBL) for this season with OBP numbers of below 21 and total base numbers of below 29 on both sides of his card.  A -5 hold rating and being slightly backwards also help.  He’s 27 and is still with the Dodgers.  He is available.  Looking for a first round draft pick plus.

The Sluggers have available Ketel Marte available.  
Looking for pitching help, draft picks and young players.

My recent deal has left me with some excess while needing a few things. 
Available - Pitchers - Adam Conley, Jeremy Hellickson, Derek Holland
                  Hitters - Jefry Marte, Hanley Ramirez, Ian Desmond, Ryan Rua

Edwin Encarnacion, Lucas Duda, Brian McCann,  Justin Upton, Michael Brantley, Matt Kemp. Not looking to trade but potentially available with an incredible offer....Aroldis Chapman, Kenley Jansen, Xander Bogaerts, Trea Turner. Looking for picks next year, youth, rebound candidates.

A.Pujols, R. Nolasco, C. Richard, are all available for mid to late round picks.

Available Starters:  Jon Lester, Homer Bailey, Matt Strahm
Available Relievers:  Brian Duensing, Chasen Shreve, Fernando Abad, AlexWilson
Available Firstbase:  Chris Davis, Mark Trumbo
Available Secondbase:  Jason Kipnis, Carlos Asuaje, Brandon Phillips
Available Thirdbase:  Derek Dietrich
Available Outfielders:  Gerardo Parra, Alex Presley, Yasmani Tomas, Joc Pederson

Looking for backup shortstop - preferably one that can play 2b or 3b, plus always looking to upgrade pitching.

Players here are heavily discounted in price.  They will cost no more than
the equivalent of a 7th round draft pick.  

SLUGGERS -   Ichiro Suzuki, Erick Aybar and Nick Ahmed

MITTS -  Nick Markakis   unlimited ABs  rf 3(0)e1  on base 33 vs L,  36 vs R,  up in clutch.   A 7th round pick takes him




Eric has some thoughts on the Vargas/Cashner discussion down in the Mitt Section

First I saw the headline, “Vargas Agrees to $16M, Two-year Deal.”  What?  But wait, he did win 18 games last year – tying for the most wins in the Big Leagues – and did make the All-Star team (for the first time).  On the other hand, he did it with a very average 4.19 ERA and faded badly in the second half.  For his career, he is 85-81 with a 4.17 ERA, nice journeyman stats.  He has a slightly high 1.31 WHIP, 1.33 last year.  And he is 35 years old.  Who’s giving an aging journeyman $8-million a year?


My first thought was, “Oh, no, the Angels are doing it again.”  Then I saw, no, it was the Mets.  And based on many comments from Larry, that made sense.  Or maybe I am just not used to talented-but-not-star players getting so much money these days.  Or maybe I am biased by the left-handed-pitcher penalty in Strat draft leagues.


Whatever it is, this puts a cap on why I will (probably) never pay to attend another Major League baseball game.  I’m not paying $25 for a seat in the nosebleed section, $50 for a half-decent seat, or $5 for a bottle of water so a guy who does his job just as well as I did my job can live in a mansion, travel the world, and hang out with beautiful young girls who are impressed with his money.  I am sure he works hard, is devoted to his work, and sometimes must work more than eight hours a day.  So did I.  I imagine you do or did also.


Sure the second year of his contract is not guaranteed, but there is a $2-million buyout.  That means he will definitely receive $10,000,000.  So maybe half that goes for taxes and “business” expenses.  Then he gets only $5,000,000.  If he invests that at a five percent return, he will receive $250,000 a year for the rest of his life.  And why is he able to do that?  Because we intelligent Americans are willing to pay $5 for a bottle of water, $25 for a seat in the nosebleed section, etc.


Personally, I plan to again pay $20 for access to radio broadcasts of all 2,430 Big League games this year.  I think it’s a much better deal…



Spring Has Sprung, Rockies Decisions to Come

from mlb.com

How these 5 teams can still win the offseason

Unraveling the trades Yankees will make now and later


3 closers in most danger of losing their jobs



Steve has mentioned this already and since we've had several threads on the issue I thought I would put this fix up for those to try first when they have an issue setting up the game.

 From SBarkan:

Right click .exe file.  Click check compatibility mode.  Select service pack 3.  Should install from there.


It's a Windows problem that hit all the SOM games.

later in the thread more detail was posted

Windows 10 Users
Recent Windows 10 updates have cause some software to stop running properly.  S-O-M games are affected by these updates.  To install the Baseball Game please follow these directions:

Installing the game:

Right-click the Setup program

Select "Properties"

Select the Compatibility tab

Check "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and select "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)"

At the bottom of the screen check "Run this program as an administrator"

Click Okay

Double-click the Setup program and run the installation

If after the installer runs you experience trouble running the game then follow these directions:

Go to the game's install folder and find the subfolder called "Support", inside there you will fine a folder called "Tech" and inside that you should see a file named vcredist_x86.exe

Double click vcredist_x86 to run it

Right-click the SomBB.exe in your game's install folder

Select "Properties"

Select the Compatibility tab

Check "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and select "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)"

At the bottom of the screen check "Run this program as an administrator"

Click Okay

You should now be able to run the game


Victor Robles - Staying grounded



One of the first things I always do when the new game is released is to create a league that includes the Mitts and the Criers.
Then I play a game between them,  sometimes a full best of 7 series.

Here's what happened in the first game of the season.  Looks like the pitchers are way ahead of the hitters at this point.

BOXSCORE: 2018 MidHudson Mitts At 2018 Smithtown Criers
  Mitts                    AB  R  H RBI   Criers                   AB  R  H RBI
  D.Lemahieu 2B             3  0  0  0    J.Reddick LF              4  0  0  0
  J.Jay CF,LF               2  0  0  0    K.Kiermaier CF            1  0  0  0
F-M.Pina PH,C               0  0  0  0  A-A.Altherr CF              3  0  0  0
  J.Turner 3B               3  0  0  0    A.Judge RF                3  0  1  0
  D.Murphy DH               4  0  0  0    D.Murphy DH               2  0  0  0
  E.Rosario RF              3  0  0  0    B.Belt 1B                 2  1  0  0
  J.Bonifacio LF            3  0  1  0    P.Dejong SS               3  0  0  0
B-C.Gomez PR,CF             0  0  0  0    J.Gyorko 3B               3  0  0  0
H-H.Perez PH                1  0  0  0  D-R.Chirinos 3B,C           0  0  0  0
  C.Santana 1B              3  0  0  0    R.Martin C                2  0  0  0
  A.Bregman SS              3  0  0  0  C-J.Pirela PH,C ,3B         1  0  1  1
  E.Gattis C                2  0  0  0    D.Lemahieu 2B             2  0  0  0
E-N.Walker PH               1  0  1  0                                        
G-A.Duvall LF               0  0  0  0                                        
                           -- -- -- ---                            -- -- -- ---
         Totals            28  0  2  0           Totals            26  1  2  1
A-Subbed Defensively (CF) For Kiermaier In 2nd Inning
B-Pinch Ran For Bonifacio In 7th Inning
C-Pinch Hit For Martin In 7th Inning
D-Subbed Defensively (3B) For Gyorko In 8th Inning
E-Pinch Hit For Gattis In 8th Inning
F-Pinch Hit For Jay In 8th Inning
G-Subbed Defensively (LF) For Walker In 8th Inning
H-Pinch Hit For Gomez In 9th Inning
INJURY: Kevin Kiermaier INJURED (for 6 more games) in 1st inning
Mitts........... 0 0 0  0 0 0  0 0 0  -  0  2  2
Criers.......... 0 0 0  0 0 0  1 0    -  1  2  1
Mitts                    IP       H   R  ER  BB  SO  HR  PC
A.Cashner LOSS            6 2/3   1   1   0   3   5   0  89
J.Fields                  1 1/3   1   0   0   0   0   0  12
Totals                    8       2   1   0   3   5   0
Criers                   IP       H   R  ER  BB  SO  HR  PC
C.Martinez WIN            7 2/3   2   0   0   4   7   0 102
N.Goody                   0       0   0   0   1   0   0   0
R.Madson HOLD             0 1/3   0   0   0   0   0   0   3
B.Hand SAVE               1       0   0   0   0   2   0   7
Totals                    9       2   0   0   5   9   0
T- 2:35
LEFT ON BASE- Mitts: 6  Criers: 4
DOUBLE PLAYS- Mitts: 0  Criers: 2
ERRORS- E.Gattis-2, C.Martinez
DOUBLES- N.Walker, A.Judge, J.Pirela
RBIs- J.Pirela
WALKS- D.Lemahieu, J.Jay, M.Pina, J.Turner, E.Rosario, D.Murphy, B.Belt,
STRIKE OUTS- D.Lemahieu, J.Jay, D.Murphy, E.Rosario-2, J.Bonifacio, C.Santana-2,
             A.Bregman, K.Kiermaier, A.Altherr, B.Belt, P.Dejong, D.Lemahieu
GIDP- D.Murphy, C.Santana
2-out RBI- J.Pirela
RLISP 2-out- B.Belt, A.Judge, J.Turner
TEAM RISP- Mitts: 0 for 2  Criers: 1 for 3

seen at Twitter
Eric Hosmer to the Padres for 8 years? Wow big move.
He’s gonna be a terrific veteran presence to the
lineup 9 years from now



The last chance we all have to improve our respective teams comes during the Waiver Draft.  Sure, there might be a handful of trades yet to come but I doubt that any big names will be on the move at this point.

In thinking about the WD I've been assuming that the Mitts would need to draft one more arm for the bullpen.  After all, even with the recent acquisition of Matt Belisle the #6 guy in the pen remained Tyler Clippard.  And how good could he be what with an ERA of 4.77?

Some analysis on Monday morning tells me he's not all that bad for the last guy in one's pen.  In analyzing his card using formulas for Runs Created I find that his card is almost as good as one of the pitchers on the 2017 Mitts staff.  Guess who.

I'll tell you it's also Tyler Clippard.

Here are the raw stats for the two years.

The FIP  (fielding independent pitching) number is telling.  The 1.20 difference in ERA is neutralized down to 0.36 when fielding is factored out.  Also the WHIPs are extremely similar.

A look at the cards shows the upcoming card to be exactly as effective against lefties as last year's card and only slightly worse against righties.

But how did last year's Cllippard do in the CBL?

If you're like me you don't care too much about the winless record.  His 13 saves were a team high,  not that that means much of anything.

The point is that if this guy were to be your #6 reliever then your bullpen must be in pretty good shape.

The Mitts might still grab a reliever in the Waiver Draft but I'm now not seeing this as a necessity.


Andrew Cashner is Pretty Pretty Pretty OK


Best hitters vs LHP
Justin Turner 37h + 25w +8♦
Alex Bregman 34 h + 14w + 5♦

Worst hitters vs LHP
Neil Walker  13h + 16w  W-power
Carlos Gomez 15h + 11w  0♦

Best hitters vs RHP
Daniel Murphy  33h + 7w + 6♦
Eddie Rosario  28h + 6w  + 8♦

Worst hitters vs RHP
Nick Markakis  24h + 12w  W-power
Hernan Perez  21h + 2w  + 4♦

Best in the clutch
Daniel Murphy   +11 on both sides
Evan Gattis   +10 on both sides

Worst in the clutch
Jorge Bonifacio   -9 vs LHP  and -13 vs RHP
Justin Turner      -10 vs LHP  and -11 vs RHP

Most gb(A)s
DJ Lemahieu   25 vs L  and 26 vs R
Evan Gattis      24 vs L and 23 vs R

Fewest gb(A)s
Carlos Gomez  3 vs L  and 2 vs R
Carlos Santana  12 on each side

from ESPN

CC Sabathia is the old man in Yankees' rotation but a new man on mound

CASHNER vs VARGAS - Who's the better bet?

In the past couple of days the Orioles gave a 2 year - $16 million deal to Mitts' 2nd round pick Andrew Cashner and the Mets penned 2017 All-Star Jason Vargas to pretty much the same deal.  The Vargas deal has some innings incentives and I don't know whether the Cashner deal has anything similar.

But the bottom line is that the two clubs seem to value these two pitchers pretty much as equals.  I decided to check to see what four projection systems foretell for the 2018 season.

Clearly both of these guys project to be 5th starters at best.  The Marcel system (this is the one you see at Baseball Reference) is most bullish while the Pecota system in the Baseball Prospectus sees both pitchers with ERAs over 5.00.   Ughhh.

One could look at the average column and see Vargas as somewhat the better bet.  Plus Vargas will be in the easier league, the NL, and will play home games in the pitchers' park which is CitiField.   Of course the Mets' defense rarely helps its pitchers but with Rosario at shortstop maybe that can change a bit.

This will be the last weekend for a good long while without baseball being played on fields in Arizona and Florida or on PC's....Tuesday Feb 20th is when we should all have our downloads from Strat....Usually somebody by now has asked me to open up the Bargain Bin in the Tradewinds section.  Guess I should do that.  Will probably stick longtime Mitts veteran Nick Markakis in there.  I guess all pretty good things come to an end too.....Looks like the hockey Rangers are readying for a massive sell-off/rebuild.  I think that's the way to go even though some of the players who will be traded are my faves.....Have watched very little in the way of the Olympics.  My son Brandon who took three curling lessons eight years ago finally gave me some insight as to the rules of that sport....Every day for weeks I've been looking to see which teams might sign Neil Walker,  Carlos Gomez, or Jon Jay.  Sounds like Walker might go to Milwaukee or the Yankees.  Gomez was rumored back to Texas but that's cooled off.  Jay has been discussed by Mariners and Marlins.  What a mess.....People have asked me what I think of new Mets' manager Calloway.  So far, so good, especially when he said he doesn't expect to name a "closer".  Let the guy who's best suited to handle the guys coming up be the one to face them.....The Criers seem to have morphed from a team centered around its starting pitching and infield to one that will be dominated by its outfield and bullpen....Mitts expect to select at least one and very possibly two players in the waiver draft.....Criers' Tulowitzki is already hurt.  Are you friggen kidding me?.....Wish the NFL draft was in early March rather than late April.  Giants pick 2nd and I suspect they grab a QB there or drop down a few spots while picking up a few more picks....Jets also need a QB and could take one at 6 or sign a free agent.....If anyone wants to pen a few paragraphs on how they liked their team's off-season I'd be happy to post it.  The webpage ALWAYS needs material.


Matt Duffy has zero worries,

Mets signing Vargas neither big nor sexy but logical

Mitt Trades


On Monday evening an email went out to all the SBA managers informing us that one of the members,  52 year old Ed DuBois, had suffered a massive stroke and died.

I did not know Ed well although he frustrated me throughout the offseason in his insistence that he was going to keep both of his shortstops,  Elvis Andrus and Trea Turner.   So we exchanged a whole bunch of emails only to never connect on a swap.

And now,  just like, that,  he's gone from the earth.

Most of the members have chimed in with condolences.   I pointed out in mine how last week our family buried my mother-in-law,  Jordan's grandmother.  It was, of course, a sad day yet we could take solace in the long happy life she'd had.  She lived long enough to see Jordan and his brother Brandon become men. And she lived long enough to bounce three great-grandchildren on her knee.  Going at 93 is sad.

Dieing at 52 is just tragic.

from NJ.com

Why (and how) Yankees' Clint Frazier has changed his swing

Here's the Baseball Prospectus writeup on Mitt-and-Crier 2Bman DJ Lemahieu


Most of the time these are the lineups the Criers will use in the upcoming season.

Just seeing Daniel Murphy pushed all the way down to 8-hole tells you that this is a strong offensive lineup.  Judge has been given the leadoff assignment since his card against lefties has 43 walks on it!

Kiermaier will bat 2nd against righties.  We hate to use up his ABs too quickly but he has a nice card and only 3 gb(A)s which is handy.  We want Judge and Murphy to come up with as many runners on base as possible.  


Matt-  commissioner
Mitch-  league statistician
Jordan- rules coordinator
Mark -  representing West division
Wayne- representing Chicago division
Bob- representing South division

The members of the CBL will never forget our friend and charter member Mac McConchie



user name=  tfm0309
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